Terms of Use

The RCRA Data Source was developed to provide an automated reference for obtaining chemical regulatory information. Because various synonyms are used to reference the same chemical, regulatory information and synonym relationships are linked by CAS numbers. While the most common synonyms are included, the list is not comprehensive. While validating data, CAS errors were also found in the CFR, and are noted for reference. There are over 100,000 various data elements in the RCRA Data Source. Great care was taken in the development of this database, but no warranty, or guarantee is expressed or implied. If you perceive an error, please let us know so it can be researched. Use of The RCRA Data Source constitutes an agreement to indemnify and hold harmless the provider from any claims resulting from the use of this tool. NO COPYING OR REDISTRIBUTION OF THIS DATA OR SOFTWARE IS AUTHORIZED WITHOUT THE EXPRESS WRITTEN CONSENT OF THE AUTHOR.