Hazardous Waste Identification

When trying to make a hazardous waste determination, a generator must consider the following factors: (40 CFR 262.11)

  1. Does it meet the definition of a Solid Waste as defined in 40 CFR 261.2
    (Basically any discarded materials meets this definition)
  2. Is the material excluded by 40 CFR 261.4 or by variance granted under 260.30 and 260.31?
    (Some specific materials are granted an exclusion)
  3. Is it listed in Subpart D of 40 CFR 261?
    (IF "Yes", manage as a Hazardous Waste - If no, proceed to question 4)
  4. Does the material exhibit any of the characteristics of ignitability, corrosivity, reactivity or Toxicity as outlined in Subpart C of 40 CFR 261?
    (If so, manage as a Hazardous Waste)

Characteristic Hazardous Waste (40 CFR 261.20)

40 CFR 261.20(b) A hazardous waste which is identified by a characteristic in this subpart is assigned every EPA Hazardous Waste Number that is applicable as set forth in this subpart.